Electric Pallet Truck W15E By EiosLift

Electric Pallet Truck W15E Stable and reliable Low radius of turning, low center of gravity and excellent stability during steeringHigh-quality sheet metal with automatic blanking, to create high-strength body with great resistance to shockExternal charger with better heat dissipation, to avoid damages caused by vibraton during operation of vehive

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High efficiency

Permanent magnet motor drive system, with small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency
High-density and large-capacity lithium batteries can be selected and equipped, without increasing volume of battery box, with cruise duration increased by more than one times

Easy operation

Lifting and lowering buttons on both sides of the operating handle facilitate operation
Key switch and voltameter integrated on the operating handle simplify the operation
Operating handle equipped with creeping switch makes speed control more accurate


Firm metal protective cover effectively protects the drive system and avoids damages to the feet of the operator of Electric Pallet Truck W15E By EiosLift





Durable operating handle equipped with high-quality air spring resets automatically when released
Waterproof micro switch imported in original from Germany, suitable for cold, humid, dusty and other harsh environments


*The manufacturer reserves the right to modify product designs and specifications. Technical specs are subject to improvement without notice. *

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