How To Do SEO without plugins

How to do SEO without Plugins.

There are many amazing plugins on the World Wide Web but not all of them are free mostly on free trial basis and some of them are 100% paid.

So how to do SEO without plugins or any softwares.

im going to tell you a secret to increase your traffic search and also get ranked in the google or any search Engine for free without any software or plugin

how dose these plugin works well it’s really simple they just tell you to optimise your article and they create a xmap for your sites and posts.

You can also do it for your self

How can you optimise your posts

if you are writing an article on ” bigbang theory ” them add the same keywords again & Again in your article and bold more then 2 times of your keyword add images with the same name as your keyword is

Now add a featured image with keywords name so search engine can also find your image after doing the process now just go onto webmaster tool of google hit sign up and add your site on to webmaster and let google or bing cruel your site and post and after 10 mins your site post will show up on google.

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