iOS 12 Concepts Release Date, Features, Specs, News & Updates

iOS 12: With iOS 11, Apple has broken the traditional thoughts and took many things onboard to meet customers’ satisfaction. All the new features that have been introduced in iOS 11 will get matured in the upcoming iOS 12. All right, here we go. Apple created quite a flutter this year with the release of the iOS 11, an operating system which is seen by many as s step in the right direction, thanks to the bold decisions which Apple took. It, for example, removed any further support for the 32-bit apps and devices which could run only 32-bit apps, like the Apple iPhone 5c. While the process also weeded out thousands of apps and app developers from the existing market, the message was clear: Apple was not averse to risk-taking behavior. It also showed that Apple already has a firm grasp of the future of technology and where that future is leading us.

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Apple iOS 12: Release Date

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The changes aboard the iOS 11, and the changes are indeed substantial, are many and it reflects Apple’s dedication towards the users. It’s too early to talk about iOS 12 release date as the things on iOS 11 are getting updated to get a fully fledged version. the iOS 12 will be announced in 2018, most probably at the annual WWDC next year. It will probably be made available to the users in September 2018. Since the big iPhone event this year was held at the newly-built Steve Jobs Theater.

iOS Versions Release Date
iOS 3 June 17, 2009
iOS 4 June 21, 2010
iOS 5 October 4, 2011
iOS 6 September 19, 2012
iOS 7 September 18, 2013
iOS 8 September 17, 2014
iOS 9 September 16, 2015
iOS 10 September 13, 2016
iOS 11 September 16, 2017
iOS 12 September 10, 2018

iOS 12 Compatible Devices: List of iOS 12-compatible Devices

Talking about iOS 12 compatibility isn’t a tough nut. It’s clear that iOS 12 will also support 64 bit apps only so it’s very clear like daylight that the device support 64 bit apps will get the iOS 12 update. The iOS 12 compatible devices list will include all the devices that have been included in the iOS 11 compatible devices list. The list will thus include all Apple iPhones post the Apple iPhone 5c. It will include the Apple iPhone 8 series as well as next year’s iPhone range. Besides, the iOS 12 will play host to the iPad Air as well as later iPad Air models. It will include all the iPad Pro models, the iPad Mini 2 and the later iPad Mini models. Till now, we are not sure whether the sixth-generation iPod Touch will be compatible. This is something that only time will tell. let’s have a look on the at a glance of iOS 12 compatible devices hereinbelow.

List of the compatible devices iOS 12 Compatibility
iPhone 5S (A7 Chip) No
iPhone 6 The A8 chip processed on 20 nm process supports 64 bit apps
iPhone 6 Plus Yes
iPhone 6S A9 chip comes on it with great performance speed enhancement
iPhone SE Yes
iPad 2017 Yes
iPhone 7 A10 chip comes with 30% faster processing
iPhone 7 Plus Yes
iMac Pro Yes
iPhone 8 The new A11 chip with Neural Engine comes with 64 bit support
iPhone X Yes
iPad Mini 4 With A9 Chip this is compatible with iOS 12
Apple iPad Air Yes
iPad Mini 2 & 3 No

Mainly Feature of Upcoming iOS 12 :

  •  Seamless Siri search engine switchability
  • Unified Notifications
  • Support for hybrid display with transparent dedicated AR window
  •  A more unified home screen
  •  Better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggles
  •  Return the Wish List Feature to The App Store
  •  Introduce Camera Controls on the Camera App
  • Can we have a movable Back button, please?
  •  More Control Center Customization Options
  • Native 4K Support
  • Apple Pencil? Will it be an enhancement?

The second most requested feature was dark mode. iOS 11 brought Smart Color Invert, which is the closest we’ve gotten yet to an official dark mode. With the beautiful bezel-less OLED iPhone X display and 3 bezel-less iPhone models expected for 2018, a dark mode in iOS 12 will be more relevant than ever.


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