Apple New 2019 iPhone 11 Pro R1 Sensor Coprocessor

Apples New iPhone 11 Pro R1 Sensor Coprocessor Based on evidence from an internal build of iOS 13, the first iteration of the Rose coprocessor, the R1 (t2006), is similar to Apple’s M-series motion coprocessor in that it helps inform iOS about where the iPhone is located in space and where it is headed by offloading the processing of that sensor data from the main system processor.

Apple is planning to add a new coprocessor, codenamed both “Rose” and “R1 Sensor Coprocessor,” to the A13 series chips in its upcoming iPhones set to debut on Tuesday 10th September At Apple Special Event ,The R-series chips will also help with People Occlusion from ARKit, the report notes.

New iPhones said to feature a new R1 sensor coprocessor

iOS 13 suggests that the Rose coprocessor is similar to the M-series coprocessor that Apple introduced a few years ago. Therefore, the chip will analyze data from several sensors, informing the iPhone of its accurate location in space, R1 differs is that it integrates many more sensors than the motion coprocessor in order to produce a much more accurate picture of where the device is.

Source : iDownloadblog , MacRumors

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