IPHONE 8 PLUS 64GB PRICE IN PAKISTAN After 1st December 2018

Apple iphone 8 plus 64gb price in Pakistan is now slightly changed because of PTA DIRBS, As we. know now any international phone brought in pakistan without custom will work only for 30 Day ‘s with Local Time.

what is the next price of iPhone 8 Plus 64GB in Pakistan

it depends on the custom which you pay on the mobile phone you bring from some other country rather then Pakistan the tax is Aprox 20% plus General Tax are included Via Pakistani Currency.

iPhone 8 Plus is the last phone which has the Touch-ID function and as we know Face-id didn’t work out on WWDC 2017 Event Last year which was a flop for the iPhone X, and it effected alot on the sale of IPhone X, unlike iphone 8 plus was sold in a huge amount,

Should you buy an iPhone after 1st December.?

Before buying an iPhone 8 plus 64GB In Pakistan you have to make sure that its IME is register in PTA Servers if not then you may end up with a device which wont support any carrier in Pakistan and you wont be able to make any phone calls or anything like that

Lets talk about the price of iPhone 8 Plus in Pakistan

IPHONE 8 PLUS 64GB PRICE IN PAKISTAN may reach unto 130,000 PKR because of the Dollar rate which is really high in Pakistan, and due to the high amount of tax which we have to pay for this phone in Pakistan.

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