18 Hours of PlayBack on New M1 MacBook Air

The New M1 MacBook Air has the 18 Hours of Playback time, Apple unveiled the brand new M1-powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro before the end of 2020, I was perfectly happy with my early-2020 MacBook Air. When I had upgraded to that computer earlier in the year, I was still using a launch, entry-level 12-inch MacBook. 

M1 MacBook Air

if the new M1 MacBook Air could live up to the hype, and, ultimately, win me over. the Intel-based MacBook Air get traded in at Apple for the new option. The company actually pulled off the transition to its own processor for its computers — and the MacBook Pro gets even better battery life! Too bad I don’t want to live with that Touch Bar, though.

M1 MacBook Air Is the best Laptop in teams of performance and also the battery Time which is yet most in all other laptops.

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