Pakistani Price difference in iphone XS Max

The Pakistani price difference in iPhone XS max is a lot more the then actual price because of dollar rate which is approx 140PKR  because of that Pakistani people can buy iPhone that easy over here even the actual rate of an iPhone isn’t that expensive USD $1593 which should be around 1 lac 50,000 RS PKR  but because of the dollar rate now the price of an iPhone Xs Max in Pakistan is 183,999 RS PKR  

Why is iPhone is so expense.?

Pakistani price difference in iPhone XS max Because of the high rate most people aren’t buying the new iPhone, Even I was planning to buy a new iPhone 8 Plus but because of the high dollar rate, I could not buy the new phone for my self. but still I’m planning to buy an iPhone 8 plus sooner or later, Because of the new Government of “Imran Khan” which  is the current prime minister of Pakistan, we can blame him for the  high dollar rate. 

Should you buy an iPhone right now in Pakistan.?

if you are a crazy fan of an iPhone then don’t wait, but still, if you want to save some money then ill suggest you wait for a while till the dollar rate becomes around 100RS PKR this will make the iPhone cheaper for you to buy and it won’t affect your pocket. this is how Pakistani price difference in iPhone XS max.

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