SecondHand iPhone 6s Plus Price in Pakistan

Pakistan is Also a Big Country Know in The Globe and We are also jumping for the IT feilds as well, As Our People are giving more interste in Techonology so mobile is also a part of it. as come to mobile Apple is Also top using phone of PK , as in Pakistan,

As we know Apple prices are off the sky and Not everyone can buy iphone Apple products , but in comes to secondhand iPhones they are not so expensive at all, So lets talk about SecondHand iPhone 6s Plus Price in Pakistan 

Price of iPhone 6s+ |SecondHand

if the Price of new 6s+ is around 90,000.00 Then on the other hand SecondHand iPhone 6s Plus Price is 41,000 RS in Pakistan i Personly tooked a tour of Sudder which is located in Karachi , Pakistan and the rate of iphone 6s Plus is 41,000,00 PKR around 400$ USD , if you are an apple fan then i Suggests you should by The SecondHand iPhone instead of New Box Pack Because After few months its going to be old , iphone 7 price in Pakistan is Also High Now , Even on OLX Rates of The iPhone 6 & 6S+ are quit Same.

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