When is Apple Store coming To Pakistan

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As being a Pakistani ?? my dream is that I want to purchase an iPhone ? i.e. IDevice from the official Apple store in Pakistan ?? as we know Apple is around the globe ? everyone is using Apple ? products now a days ratio of Apple store are quit in every country but some of are still missing Apple store, Pakistan is also in the list of not having an Apple store of them selfies. Because of some political and economical problems that our country Pakistan is suffering, main role of this goes to our Media they bring up things that are unnecessary for others to see that they know this can lose Pakistan reputation bus still they go on with this

other main big reason of Apple store in Pakistan is that its our own foult we are not sincere to our country stealing snacking and these types are common in Pakistan more then 10 out of 3 person ?‍? some how got stolen from the theirs so after all this now the question in every Pakistani mouth is when is Apple strore coming to Pakistan ??

well rumours says that Apple will come to Pakistan ?? around in 2019 bus since it’s a rumour so they may come earlier or even can take up  more time to visit pak and open the Apple store in Pakistan

beinfits of Apple store coming to Pakistan

if we get the Apple store in Pakistan the prices of iPhone ? may decrease upto 20% which will be good and more and more people will able to purchase the iPhone or any Apple product which will be available in Pakistani Apple store, for now can’t take these rates advantages in Pakistan because we don’t have any Apple store here bus sooner or later we will have our own official Apple store in pk


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