New Features in iOS 10.3 Beta 3 Find My AirPods

Image source : RedMondPie

  1. Now we know why an app that allowed users to locate their AirPods was removed from the App Store. With this feature added to the Find My iPhone app in iOS 10.3, you need never worry about losing one of your earphones again.So Apple has decided to permanently add this feature on iOS 10.3 beta 1 so people can enjoy the AirPods instead of lossing them

where to find the app

well we don’t need any app installation for find my AirPods it’s imborsed with find my iPhone ? app so you only have to do is just visit iCloud or goto find my iPhone app and from their just type your Apple ID and password and see all you devices including find my AirPods, as we know AirPod are wireless and they are quite expensive and they can be gone or you can loss them while catching up something new soo this app / feature will help you find what loss the AirPods so find my AirPods feature rocks friends


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