Apple IOS 12 Beta 2 Changes and Hidden Features

iOS 12 beta 2 Changes

Apple Released the iOS 12 Beta in June 4th and the latest iOS 12 beta 2 includes a few tweaks since the first beta, including ios 12 beta 2 fiche technique are listed Below :

if your device is compatible for the iOS 12 then you will be able to see the new features in iOS 12 you can also check that your device is compatible for the bad baby..

iOS 12 beta 2 noticeable Features

  • New splash screen for the revised Voice Memos app
  • Refreshed Voice Memo settings
  • New splash screens are also available for the Screen Time feature
  • Individual Episodes in the Podcasts app now show chapters
  • Bigger font for the Media Types and Albums sections of the Photos app
  • Group FaceTime calls can be conducted between iOS 12 beta 2 devices
  • The Location Services arrow in the iOS status bar is smaller and has smoother edges
  • Tweaked Share sheet icons for Print, Create PDF, Copy and Reading List
  • Updated Add People glyph in the Notes app
  • Improved 3D Touch animations for the Music app
  • Siri supports Find My iPhone:  ”Where’s my iPhone X?”, “Where’s my iPad Pro?” etc
  • Now Playing indicator on chapters in the Podcasts app
  • Redesigned Start button in Control Center’s Timer widget
  • Notification Center now has a dedicated During Bedtime section
  • New Camera shapes are available in the Messages app
  • UI for authorizing content purchases now says “Scanning with Face ID”
  • Notification Center has a larger “X”
  • AutoFill UI for iCloud Keychain password popups has been tweaked
  • Spotlight shortcut added to the Browse section of the News app
  • Faster Face ID unlock animation
  • New splash screen for Siri Shortcuts in Spotlight
  • Redesigned SIM pin unlock screen
  • Smoother animations for Spotlight suggestions
  • Carrier details are back in Settings
  • Siri Shortcuts for apps in Spotlight shown with arrows
  • Improved Trending, smaller text in App Store search
  • New Personalization section in your App Store account settings
  • 3D Touch preview animation has been reworked
  • Time Travel settings no longer available in the Watch app
  • Blue AirPlay icon (when connected) in Control Center’s Now Playing widget
  • Cameras have been removed from the Notifications section of the Home app
  • Locks in the Home app has been renamed Doors and Locks, plus new glyph
  • Refreshed Memoji colors
  • Settings shows updated FaceTime icon
  • Lock screen on iPad now displays a brand new pulldown indicator
  • Usage Time in Settings → Battery has been renamed to Activity
  • UI for adding time limits to apps has changed
  • Updated Blinds glyph in the Home app
  • Screen Time now lets you view activity on any device by tapping Devices
  • Screen Time no longer provides a Clear Usage Data option
  • You can now toggle between categories, apps and websites in Screen Time settings
  • Screen Time offers more usage details for individual apps
  • Edit Apps option in Screen Time settings lets you add more app limits
  • The Automatic Update option works, pending updates installed later tonight
  • You can now turn off Siri Suggestions for individual apps in Settings → Notifications
  • Usage charts in Settings → Battery have been redesigned
  • iTunes & App Store settings include a privacy link to see how your data is managed
  • The clock in the iPad status bar now shows AM/PM
  • iPad now renders iPhone-only apps using iPhone 6 assets , not in Phone 4s sizes
  • Space bar trackpad works on iPhone X

iOS 12 beta 2 online Download

if you haven’t download iOS 12 for your device this is the right time to download iOS 12 beta on your phone because in beta 2 the IOS is more stable for your device without any major bugs or errors. we personally suggest to those who can’t wait for iOS 12.


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