Apple iPhone 2018 cameras Rumours & Updates

Apple iPhone 2018 cameras Rumours & Updates

  • Dual rear cameras on all models?
  • Improvements likely
  • TrueDepth camera expected on front of all models
  • The Apple iPhone X features a dual-rear camera, as does the iPhone 8 so we wouldn’t be surprised to see dual-rear cameras on all the 2018 iPhone models.

It could be that the predicted 6.1-inch LCD model features a singular rear camera, like the standard iPhone 8, but as this 6.1-inch model is suggested to offer a footprint around the same as the iPhone 8 Plus, a dual camera would presumably fit so why not offer it?

There haven’t been any rumours or speculation surrounding the cameras on the 2018 iPhone models as yet but expect improvements over this year’s models, as is always the way with succeeding devices. It’s also worth expecting some, if not all, models that launch next year to offer the TrueDepth front camera for FaceID and those fun, even if a little gimmicky, Animojis.

Aricle source : pocket-lint

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