Rumors: iOS 12 More Battery Efficient Then iOS 11

Rumors iOS 12 More Battery Efficient Then iOS 11

iOS 12 is Having More Energy efficient Features with Matel Techonology to save more power by working the with Processor. which will help the Device to imporve battery preformace, everyone know that apple is Not good in Battery timing specialy in iPhones and other small devices like ,ipad , ipod but this time apple is working to the battery timing by improving the performace of the OS it self.

How You Can Increase Your Battery Timing in IOS 11


The first thing, and the thing that works the best, is to activate Low Power Mode (go to Settings > Battery to flip the switch on this). This single setting turns off or reduces email fetch, the “Hey Siri” feature, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and a few visual effects.

The only drawback is that you can’t keep this feature on permanently because as soon as your iPhone or iPad hits 80 percent charge, it automatically turns off (you can, however, turn it back on, where it will remain active until your next recharge).

If this feels like you’re turning off too much, another tweak that I find helps a lot is to turn down screen brightness by activating the Auto-Brightness feature. This feature is buried deep in iOS 11 ( Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations) but well worth checking to see if it’s on.

If your iPhone or iPad is a few years old, then the problem might be hardware and not software, specifically the battery. While rechargeable batteries are good for hundreds of recharge cycles, they eventually wear out and require replacing. An app such as Battery Life or GeekBench 4 can help you check for a worn out battery.

Until Apple fixes this problem, the above — along with perhaps keeping a charging cable and powerbank handy — will hopefully help you make it through the day.

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